Kosher Gelatin & Collagen

Jiliding Marine Biotech Co. was established and built from the start to be the first and only Kosher Gelatin manufacturer in the world, and until this day we are the only manufacturer in the world that is strictly kosher in its entirety.

Jiliding is kosher certified by the B.D.Z. Eda Charedit, Jerusalem (Mehadrin) and OK kosher certification in the USA, which includes a fish gelatin exclusive production for Passover.

Unlike other kosher gelatin production facilities that require special koshering procedures after a non-kosher production, all our production lines are strictly kosher at all times.

Year round kosher gelatin and collagen production lines coupled with our innovation of extracting gelatin from fish scales and not skin, enable us to adhere to all aspects of Kashrus in the strictest procedures available.

Jiliding is being acknowledged by many respected and well established rabbinical authorities whom visited our unique and modern facility.

Our strictly kosher gelatin and collagen production procedures has enabled many well known and trusted food and supplement manufacturers to expand their market share by introducing and offering products with a higher level of kosher certification.

We welcome you to join our many satisfied customers in the circle of Mehadrin kosher gelatin production of marshmallows, gummy candies, dairy products, capsules, bakery products, and more.

Jiliding stands ahead of the curve in every aspect of kosher products, and is a leading example to all others in the industry.