About Jiliding

Jiliding Marine Biotech Co. Ltd - leading manufacturer of high quality fish collagen peptide and fish gelatin serving the health, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Jiliding founded and established by innovative Japanese and Israeli investors, who were instrumental in developing a fish origin collagen and gelatin as an alternative to the conventional mammalian source.

Since we exclusively use fish scales as our raw material, Jiliding Fish Collagen and Gelatin allows you to keep your original formulation and avoid the concerns of BSE or any other animal related diseases, as well as any concerns of religious food regulation such as kosher and Halal.

In 2009 we set up our fish collagen and gelatin processing plant located in Taicang City close to Shanghai port with an annual capacity of 500MT.

Our modern facility posses the highest quality and efficiency standards, and is equipped with the latest up to date technology. Jiliding trained staff is highly qualified, and our research laboratories allow us to develop unique, innovative and high demand products with unparallel quality which fulfill every aspect of our customers’ requirements for the short, medium and long term projects. 

We are ISO 22000, HACCP, Kosher and Halal certified with fully commitment to consumer safety. Our Quality Assurance procedures ensure that each batch of fish collagen and gelatin meets the Japanese, European, and USA / FDA standards.

Customer service is our first priority.
Our fish collagen and fish gelatin is being sold in Japan, USA, Israel, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and more.